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Bat Detective
23 August 2010 @ 08:35 pm
Love this old meme, it's still getting comments. :)

the I AM meme

What fictional character do you think I am? You can reply at my thread above.
Bat Detective
A slightly smaller and simpler but colorful Batman comics icon set today before I go on vacation, with the first slew of icons from the very nice Catwoman run (v2) by Brubaker and Cooke I've been reading this month. More icons from it are coming soon! I like Darwyn Cooke's art so very much. Dang, I should do a 'Selina only' icon post some day!

For the Batman: Under the Red Hood section I made both the usual full-size animated icons and mini-movie icons. Lots of Joker, of course! Gotta say, Di Maggio as Joker won me over in under two minutes. :) The wonderfully smooth animation, the action sequences and characters' facial expressions were incredible.

32 Batman comics
52 Batman: Under the Red Hood


Joker: "So who"s got a camera? Ooh! Ooh! Get one of me and the kid first. Then you and me, then the three of us. And then the one with the crowbar."Collapse )</center>

EDIT: Fixed the file size on #88 that went over the allowed 40kb. :) It works now!
Bat Detective
Everyone and their mother has read a certain Christian Bale interview from yesterday where he talked about filming with Heath, a deleted scene with Joker and Scarecrow, Batman's gravely voice and how much he hated it, his willingness to do a Justice League movie, ideas for the Batman 3 villains, etc, but it's since been deleted from the comic book website that posted it, and Batman-on-Film says it's utter bullshit.

One of the interesting bits from the fake interview:

Q: Okay, before we go on to that I want to get your thoughts on what it was like working with Heath Ledger and the impact of his performance.

Bale: There really isn't a single word to describe what it was like to work with Heath. What Heath brought to the set everyday was innovative and new and made working on the film almost like a journey. He'd show up and incorporate new things that he made up either on the spot or had in his pocket for some time. I'll never forget this but Heath actually delayed a day of the shoot for some hours because he was doing a scene that was incredibly out there that everyone on set was laughing hard for a long time. I was in one of the business suits that they custom made for me and I split the bottoms because I was constantly doubled over in pain from laughing so hard. It was a scene that was taken out but it involved Jonathan Crane going to the Joker for help and tries to trick him with the fear gas only for Heath to say "nope" and proceed to beat the tar out of Cillian (Murphy). I wish it stayed on but Chris and Lee Smith the editor didn't think it fit with the rest of the film. I know Heath got the attention he deserved for his performance but the moment I really felt happiness and satisfaction was when Heath got the oscar win for his performance and seeing his family accept the award it really set my worries that his legacy would be forgotten to rest you know?

While a lot of people perked up at the lovely bit about Heath's humour, the first thing that popped into my head after reading the paragraph was: "SO THE OLDDDD RUMOUR FROM BACK ON SET ABOUT SCARECROW MEETING THE JOKER WAS RIGHT?"

Meh, I knew it was too good to be true. :/ There were several instances where "Bale" didn't sound like him at all or used comic book speak ("bat and the cat" made me raise an eyebrow). I had hoped those blurry on set pics and fan reports that hinted at shared screentime between Cillian and Heath were on to something. This interview would have finally confirmed it that a scene was indeed shot, even though it never appeared in the the final version of the film (and I was waiting for it to pop up, too, when it premiered).

Interview or no, I've mentioned to some of my flisters before how badly it must have sucked to be in the same movie with the bloody JOKER and get no screentime with the man. Wouldn't it have been an even greater shame to have shot a scene with him and get it cut out in the end? LULZ, a shame indeed.

I'd feel bad for anyone, really, but Scarecrow is a special case because of the two characters' relationship in the comics. It's just a lost opportunity. The clown cracking mean-spirited jokes at Jonathan and, well, seeing the Doc as nothing more than an idiot and a dope in a stupid costume, I'm sure would have translated well on screen during that scene. COMEDY GOLD right down the drain, aw.

Gotta admit, though, Scarecrow doesn't have it so bad among other villains as the poor Riddler. NO ONE respects him. Ivy told Eddie out right the other bad guys, including her, pretty much laughed at him behind his back from the very beginning. They thought he was cowardly, ridiculous and embarrassing. In my eyes he was better off as a consulting detective not too long ago, someone "on the fence" (whether turning good was just a facade or not, you can toy around with that as a writer), a man who could solve cases even the Batman couldn't. It was exciting and my fave depiction of Eddie ever. Showing off the guy's smarts and cunning = MAJOR WIN in my book. He was always incredibly clever first and theatrical second.

If the Riddler is cast in the next film, I hope they incorporate that version of the character. If he's just some crazy guy in a flashing green suit, the general audience who's not familiar with him (or those who merely know about him from pop culture) will just call him "Joker lite" or "too much like Joker, always has been", while he's not like the clown at all. The Riddler HATES it when people say that. *laugh* And it irritates me, too.

Yes to Riddler and Scarecrow
(Not a big fan of Jim Lee but I liked his design for Eddie.)

I wish people would forget about Jim Carrey and I say that as a Carrey fan who saw most of his films. A Nolanverse Riddler acting like Carrey would be so out of character, it's hard to imagine a greater travesty. I think we can all agree on that. Carrey, bless him, went overboard. Admittedly, he was closest to the core of the character in his awkward Edward persona, though he overplayed it and crazied it up and made Riddler into a farce. But he touched on the character's awkwardness there that at least had some truth in it. Riddler's one of those Batman villains who used to be nerdy types of men before their life of crime. But not as socially awkward and inept as, say Freeze or the Penguin, which probably explains how charming he can be in his Riddler persona. He becomes a new person, or, rather, his true potential is revealed when he's free.

Well, in the end both Jon and Eddie don't get screentime with the Nolanverse Joker, sadly. Perhaps they can share it together in Batman 3 and make it rock and be BFFs and go "tralalala" into the sunset together. And I'll mourn the nonexistence of Joker/Scarecrow in TDK no more. *uses appropriate icon* Hands off that particular scene, oh, Christopher Nolan, you. :D

Also, if a cast member of Inception gets the role of the Riddler, I sincerely hope it's DiCaprio. He's been mentioned in Bat fan circles even before Inception started shooting, way before people suddenly wanted JGL to land the part (mostly because of the hype over Inception). JGL was on the "Joker replacements" list first.

New icon post coming soon and then I'm off to a much-needed vacation.
Bat Detective
10 August 2010 @ 01:34 am
Sorry for the lateness of this (still bedridden and behind on everyone's comments)! Here's a new set of Batman character icons, particularly villains as usual, this time with a little more focus on Poison Ivy, not just Joker and Batman! Only one "Your argument is invalid" comic book humour icon today but I promise to make more, along with an animated batch of the new Red Hood movie. :)

Maybe it's just me but iconing Scarface always makes me smile. I love Scarface and his stylish wee suits! He gets the best ragey and whiney expressions.

92 Batman comics


Poison Ivy: "Why weren"t you here, with me, so we could savor the fruits of paradise... together?" Batman: "Nice try, Ivy. But not tonight."Collapse )
Bat Detective
Because Batman villains other than Joker don't get enough attention in fandom lately (seriously, clown, you're stealing everyone's show), I'm posting full scans of some of my fave comic books about the Penguin, Mr. Freeze and the Riddler. I know there are folks on my flist who'd like to read more Batman comic and familiarize themselves with the comic book versions of the characters. :) My recommendations for the above 3 characters are under the cut. Two are origin stories and one is an old-fashioned murder mystery. Quotes from the interviews with the writers are also included.


If Riddler or Penguin appeared in Christopher Nolan's next Batman film and were anything like the characters portrayed in the stories uploaded, I'd start spazzing and turn cartwheels! Characterization is everything.


PENGUIN in "Joker"s Asylum: Penguin"Collapse )

MR. FREEZE in "Batman: Mr. Freeze"Collapse )

RIDDLER in "Batman: A New Dawn"Collapse )

Comments are , as always. Enjoy the comics!
Bat Detective
18 May 2010 @ 05:49 am
In The Mourning After, an 8-page story from Detective Comics #782 from 2003, Phil Lennox, a Gotham street cleaner, has been finding a pair of roses lying on the ground in Crime Alley each year on the same day for the past ten years. After doing some research, Phil figures it's Bruce Wayne who's bringing the flowers to the spot where his parents were killed. He wants to catch the man in action, so he decides on a stake out! Is Batman's secret identity in jeopardy? Is it that easy to find out he's Bruce Wayne?

All 8 pages under the cut. Story by Jason Hall, art by Craig Rousseau.

"Well, tonight"s the night, so I"m gonna stake it out and see for myself if it IS Bruce Wayne leavin" those flowers! Who"d a thought a rich guy would be so sentimental?"Collapse )

Notice how the faces are expressive despite the simplistic art style. I think it works best for Alfred. Very nice design. I can totally imagine it being used for a humorous Alfred Pennyworth oriented comic strip. :)

A nice little story overall!
Bat Detective
When I uploaded the 10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack back in January, if I hadn't known thanks to the downloader counter how many people took it, and only based people's interest on the amount of comments the post received, I'd have thought said interest wasn't too great. Still, the counter showed otherwise, hence me presenting you with another soundtrack upload today! Woot! :) BOY, IS IT FANTASTIC. JUST THE SORT OF SCORE I LIKE.



My mind's still whirling from the AWESOME this soundtrack has brought into my life. The Persian tunes are beautifully romantic and the action-y tracks have you on the edge of your seat. The drum beats have your heart pounding. To say the OST doesn't get stale with each repeat listening would be an understatement. Love the main theme repeating itself in various tracks, like in "The Prince Of Persia" (at 0:53 and 4:07), "The Sand Glass Chamber" (at 2:39) and throughout "Destiny", for instance. It's the 'hero'/romantic version, it seems, that goes a bit slower. It blossoms at 2:22 and ends triumphantly. If you're unsure which track to start with, I suggest that one. The other versions have more Eastern Mediterranean beats. Also, 5:21 - 5:40 in "Raid On Alamut" is gorgeous.

*remembers playing the Prince of Persia arcade game on her old 386 computer when she was a kid*

EDIT: Sorry, I had to remove the animated .gifs because they've been hotlinked on at least 5 different forums and had my domain's bandwidth spike like crazy. I don't know why people hotlink when you ask them KINDLY not to do so. Webhosting isn't cheap. :( If you still want the .gifs, PM me via livejournal.

I know this isn't a Batman or Batman actor related download but it's pretty close by association. ;) Go, go, Jake!

More soundtracks on the way, there's a film I've just seen yesterday that's my new Lord of the Rings or, well, at least "mini" Lord of the Rings. It'll be a serious Oscar contender in several categories, I can feel it, including best score. Methinks I'll be sharing that OST next, as well as Batman related stuff.

Comments are always .
Bat Detective
PART 2 of my superheroines and villainesses hairstyles post! Please see PART 1 first.

Without further ado, enjoy the picspam!

Talia al GhulCollapse )

Renee MontoyaCollapse )

Wonder WomanCollapse )

SupergirlCollapse )

Lois LaneCollapse )

Power GirlCollapse )

VixenCollapse )

Black CanaryCollapse )

ZatannaCollapse )


Comments are . I hope you liked the two posts! :) Which hairstyle is your fave? Would you like to wear any of the hairstyles shown? Do you think any of the ladies need a makeover?
Bat Detective
The reason for the lack of updates recently are the following two graphics heavy posts! The inspiration for them struck me 2 weeks ago during a visit at the hairdresser's. They took me quite a while to complete but here they are now, presenting real-life hair models whose hairstyles look like those of superheroines and villainnesses in DC Comics. Some of them look strikingly similar, even down to the pose and clothes of the model!

Under the cut are real-life and comic book hairstyles of 17 known DC women, side by side as a comparison. Over a half of them are Batman characters. There's Batwoman, the three Batgirls, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Lois Lane and Supergirl, just to name a few.

This isn't a casting post, obviously, but certain models do resemble the characters a great deal (in my opinion, anyway), so it's fun to dream! I've made the picspam because, really, who doesn't love beautiful hair? :) And how many of us would like to sport our fave superheroine's hairdo? After looking at thousands of hairstyle photos in my quest for just the right ones that fit the characters, I can say I've been inspired! Maybe one day I'll have the courage to have my hair cut a la Kate Kane.

Enjoy the picspam!



BatwomanCollapse )

Batgirl: Barbara GordonCollapse )

OracleCollapse )

Batgirl: Stephanie BrownCollapse )

Batgirl: Cassandra CainCollapse )

HuntressCollapse )

Poison IvyCollapse )

Harley QuinnCollapse )

CatwomanCollapse )


Comments are .
Bat Detective
21 April 2010 @ 11:22 am
This is a special batch I wanted to get just right and while I didn't get to icon all the more prominent Justice League members like I did with Batman characters on the Batman Rogues Gallery and Friends & Allies icon set, the icons are done in a similar style.

The Batman section was so fun to do, I had to force myself from iconing dozens more icons. Indeedy. I SAT ON MY HANDS, going: "No, no, you must not post 100 Batman icons!" My fave part was Photoshopping Joker and Batman/Bruce from the Joker novel by Azzarello. Now they're in the same scenes! I've toyed with this pairing in another icon post before but here the art style's more realistic. It feels like it came straight from a movie. Hope Joker/Batman fans like the icons! :)

Extra: Some "Your argument is invalid" comic book humour. Bruce Wayne holding a bunny WINS AT LIFE. YES. And renders any argument invalid with its awesomeness.

60 Batman comics
28 Justice League members, Justice League Adventures
4 Comic book humour


Alfred: "This scattergun is an heirloom that has been in my family for generations. And if you were about to remind me of the Master"s abhorrence for the use of firearms of any kind... I dare say that does not apply to extraterrestrials. And he"s not here."Collapse )